Black Dahlia Remixes is a remix album released by Hollywood Undead in 2010, shortly after the release of their single "Black Dahlia." The album features three different remixes of the track, "Black Dahlia," which was originally featured on the band's debut album, "Swan Songs."

Track listingEdit

Title Length Total length
"Black Dahlia (Buffalo Bill Remix)" 3:50
"Black Dahlia (Io Fedility Allstars Remix)" 4:32
"Black Dahlia (The Pharmacy Remix)" 3:46


Hollywood Undead
  • Production, audio mixing, and mastering by remixing groups Buffalo Bill, Io Fedility Allstars, and The Pharmacy.


  • This is Hollywood Undead's first remix album. Their second is "American Tragedy Redux," which would be released a year later in 2011.
    • While this album only contains remixes of one track, "Redux" features remixes of a variety of songs from a whole album
  • All three tracks featured on this album would later be re-released onto the collector's edition of "Swan Songs."

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